LEST partners participated in a roundtable and workshop, organized by the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Save the Homes project partners, on 18th of May 2023, to discuss the state and future of the Slovenian renovation market at the local and national levels.

The project Save the Homes (StH) is funded by the EU and plays an important role in accelerating efforts to future-proof and decarbonize Europe’s building stock. The Hubs supported by StH in Spain and the Netherlands – replicated in Slovenia – represent important and complementary additions to local renovation efforts, addressing both demand and supply side issues in the renovation market.  WP4 of the 3DIVERSE project focuses on building energy renovation, so knowledge and replication of the one-stop-shop model are also relevant for the 3DIVERSE project, which will contribute to energy transformation and social well-being in the Šaleška Valley through sustainable measures and analysis.

The City of Ljubljana presented an overview of its strategy and initiatives for the renewal of Ljubljana and the 100 Climate Neutral Cities project, which includes Ljubljana, Velenje, and Kranj.

IRI UL presented the key role of the One-Stop-Shop in Europe. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has among others initiated the integration of a one-stop-shop approach. It is now up to the Member States to draw up national plans for the renovation of buildings.

Huygen Installatie Adviseurs introduced us to the Save the Homes project and the two pilots Rotterdam and Valencia, who are facing very different obstacles in two different cities. Following that, representatives of the municipalities of Kranj, Zagorje ob Savi, and Koper gave a more detailed presentation of their strategies and initiatives. All three representatives face very different obstacles and advantages within energy renovation.

Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Energy presented the existing strategies and those under preparation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings by at least 70% by 2030.

In conclusion, Eco Fund is certainly a great asset for the Slovenian region and a good basis for the one-stop-shop model, as it provides constant subsidies for the energy renovation of buildings. The current and future ENSVET support network with its energy advisors is a starting point to help set up a one-stop-shop model.

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