We are pleased to announce that we have established an important connection with the delegation from North Macedonian, which is working on the restructuring and development of coal regions in their country. Our partners from UL FE LEST hosted them last week.

The delegation included officials from the Municipality of Bitola and representatives from various non-governmental organizations, such as Organization of Employees of MacedoniaYouth Cultural Center – Bitola, Eko-svest MacedoniaADI – Association for Democratic InitiativesOlof Palme’s International Centre in The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

During their visit, we presented the results of our work on the 3DIVERSE project and exchanged valuable lessons and knowledge. This collaboration will benefit both parties in the ongoing transformation of the coal mining region. We will remain in close contact and share more detailed results from the sectors addressed by the 3DIVERSE project. To summarize, these sectors include:

  • The transformation of the existing district heating system
  • Zero-emission mobility and renewable electricity production
  • Energy renovation of buildings
  • Innovative financial mechanisms

The visit was highly beneficial, as we established connections with potential partners and mutually shared knowledge and experiences from various fields. This created useful and long-lasting ties for further collaboration.

Ensuring the sustainability, replication, and application of the 3DIVERSE project results across all sectors is crucial. The Šaleška Valley will serve as a model for sustainable green transformation, demonstrating how additional communities and institutions can fund and develop similar initiatives at national and international levels. Connecting and sharing knowledge locally, at the EU level, and beyond are the cornerstones for achieving our goals in 3DIVERSE.

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