Decentralization, Diversity and Dynamic load regulation

Novel approaches to tangible energy transition with the diversification of production sources

Project start:
1st October 2022
36 months
€ 1.450.513,40
Project end:
30th September 2025

🌟Happy to announce that our project partner, the Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering, is hosting an upcoming conference as part of the CYPHER COST Action.

📅: April 10 - 12
🌏: Ljubljana, Slovenia


@Lahde_Slovenia #sustainable #event

💫Kicked off our 4th project meeting in Ljubljana hosted by @LESTLab! Discussing ongoing work, future strategies & Velenje's current scenario.🌿♻️

#3Diverse #ProjectUpdate #greentransformation @FELjubljana @MO_Velenje @LIFEprogramme @KSSENA_VELENJE @Lahde_Slovenia

📘 Just released: "Transformation of the Šaleška Valley Heating System" brochure - a guide through our region's energy transition. 🌍 #ŠaleškaValley #SustainableFuture


🌟 Discover the #3Diverse project with the newly released introductory #brochure!

The brochure provides an insightful overview of the mission to enhance energy transition through diverse and decentralized methods. 🔋 💡🔄

Available here:


a comprehensive, multi-sectoral, and multi-level approach to the planning and implementation of investments in sustainable energy infrastructure by coordinating the application of supply and demand side measures. An approach based on the integration and aggregation of investment actions across four interconnected sectors, which will ensure the optimal results in terms of environmental, socioeconomic, and financial benefits, will replace the conventional fragmented and sectorial implementation of investments, which are essential to the successful realization of the energy transition.


include the preparation of a comprehensive set of technical investment documentation (pre-feasibility studies, pre-investment designs, investment programmes, market research reports, operational monitoring analysis, construction, environmental and operational permits, etc.) and the publication of calls for tender (launch of procurement procedures) for tangible investment measures that will be defined by PDA activities. However, 3DIVERSE will go beyond conventional investment and public procurement processes by incorporating novel mechanisms for acquiring citizen engagement and novel financing mechanisms.


will be based on the premise of mobilizing private capital to the greatest extent possible and encouraging community-driven investments by providing mechanisms that ensure improved access to capital, lower investment costs, high transparency, and financial and social incentives. The project’s long-term objective is to effectively validate the transitioning coal-intensive region of Savinjsko-Šaleška as a highly replicable and scalable model to be implemented in partner region within and beyond the EU.

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