The development of a comprehensive plan for the integration of renewable energy sources into the current and future electricity system must go hand in hand with the planning of the future district heating system in the Šalek Valley, as this is essential for the improvement of the region’s energy security.

  • Analysis of the potential of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy in the region and their integration into the power grid.
  • Facilitate the transition to renewable energy by providing access to information, resources, and expertise through the establishment of energy communities.
  • The technical, economic, social, and environmental analysis will provide the necessary data and resources for the successful integration of renewable energy sources into the energy system.

When it comes to the energy renovation of buildings in the Šaleška Valley, it is necessary to consider that most of them were constructed before the year 2000. Older buildings are undergoing renovations quite intensively; however, energy efficiency measures are being implemented piecemeal, mainly due to their high cost. To achieve significant energy savings, it is recommended to carry out comprehensive energy renovations of residential buildings. Nevertheless, comprehensive renovations necessitate an extensive energy audit that involves a detailed analysis of the buildings. As part of the 3Diverse project, we are preparing:

•              A thorough analysis of the selected energy efficiency measures.

•              Detailed energy demand calculations.

An analysis of the current situation reveals that an investment of over €50 million will be required to achieve targeted energy efficiency by 2030. This investment would result in a reduction of heat consumption by 51 GWh or a reduction in heat production between 62 and 71 GWh, accounting for heat distribution losses.

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