The second 3DIVERSE project General Meeting took place on the 11th of May in Velenje, Slovenija. The meeting was hosted by project coordinator KSSENA at a wonderful setting in Kmetija Krničnik with a view of Šaleška Valey. Each of the five key partners discussed their current and future activities. 

 To commence the meeting, the project coordinator extended a warm welcome to all the partners and provided an overview of the project management. Subsequently, there were presentations on various topics. The Velenje Municipal Utility Company (KPV) and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (LAHDE) presented the green transformation of the district heating system in the Šaleška Valley. KOLEKTOR sETup discussed Power Energy Systems and Mobility, while KSSENA presented on Energy Renovation of Buildings.

The latter part of the meeting focused on Dissemination and Communication, as well as the Sustainability, replication, and exploitation of the project’s outcomes presented by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (LEST).   

In conclusion, the second 3DIVERSE project General Meeting brought together partners to discuss and share valuable insights on tasks such as the green transformation of district heating, power energy systems and mobility, and energy renovation of buildings. The meeting also emphasized the importance of effective dissemination and communication, as well as the long-term sustainability and replication of project results.

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