On May 16th, some 3Diverse members participated in the engaging event focused on renewable energy communities and inter-trading opportunities. The event took place in Dol pri Hrastniku, Slovenia, and was held as part of the EU project NRG2peers, supported by Horizon 2020.

Distinguished speakers at the event shared valuable insights into community energy projects and highlighted the potential for trading and exchanging renewable electricity among participants. Attendees were informed about the legislative framework governing these initiatives, as well as recent and upcoming changes in the field. Additionally, the speakers discussed technical requirements and constraints associated with such projects.

One of the key objectives was to emphasize the impact of community energy projects and energy peer-to-peer trading on active consumers, local communities, and the broader energy market. By delving into these topics, participants gained a deeper understanding of how these initiatives contribute to a sustainable future.

The knowledge and information acquired during the event will prove instrumental in advancing various aspects of our project.

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