On May 21, 2024, the 6th International EnRe Conference held in Velenje, Slovenia at the Faculty of Energy Technology, University of Maribor. In the face of rising climate challenges, the EnRe conference focused on pathways to climate neutrality and a green transition. The conference brought together experts, researchers, policymakers, and business leaders to share their experiences and research.

Through discussions and presentations, we explored strategies for sustainable solutions. The goal was to foster collaboration and idea exchange to develop strategies for climate neutrality, toward a greener and more sustainable future.

The event was divided into two parts: the morning session featured two round tables, and the afternoon sections included six different sections where various research groups presented their work.

We were focused in sections Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Management, as well as Hydropower, Thermal, and Nuclear Energy, where the 3DIVERSE project presented their results. The 3DIVERSE project addresses different aspects of the transformation of the Šaleška Valley and completely aligns with the conference’s goals and objectives.

Gregor Cvet, Utility Company Velenje, gave an important presentation on how the energy renovation of multi-apartment buildings affects temperatures in the district heating system in the municipality of Velenje.

Marko Keber, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, presented a project where he and his colleagues used theoretical models to estimate heat losses in individual sections of the Velenje district heating system.

Nejc Jurko, the 3DIVERSE project coordinator from KSSENA, provided in-depth results and discussed the challenges that 3DIVERSE is addressing in the transformation of the Šaleška Valley. He highlighted the revitalization of district heating, sectoral planning, how to size the district heating system, and where to replace or supplement it with solar power plants. He also discussed the integration of electric vehicle systems and how to size electric charging stations for optimal fleet operation. Finally, he talked about new innovative funding sources, including energy communities and active citizen involvement.

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