Members of the 3DIVERSE consortium went on a professional trip to Croatia.

On June 19th, 2023, Komunalno podjetje Velenje, Municipality of Velenje, Komunala Slovenj Gradec, and KSSENA, visited Gradska toplana d.o.o. in Karlovac, as well as the Cogeneration plant on Biomass, Kircek energy d.o.o., Croatia.

The tour of the Karlovac heating plant serves as a good practice example of the “Revitalisation of district heating systems in Karlovac,” showcasing the initial stage of designing an energy-efficient heating system. The implementation of this project will significantly decrease heat losses in the distribution of thermal energy, reducing them from the current 15% to less than 8%.

Carrying out planned project activities will enable the sustainable development of the district heating system in the Karlovac area, increase the reliability and security of the heat energy supply, reduce heat energy losses and related costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is also an example of good practice for the 3DIVERSE energy transition.

Afterward, we proceeded with a tour of the Cogeneration plant on Biomass, which specializes in the production of electricity and heat exclusively. The entire heat generated by the plant is utilized for the company’s internal drying operations and heating of its facilities. Additionally, all the electricity generated is supplied to the Croatian energy market operator.

The visit to the Karlovac heating plant and the Cogeneration plant on Biomass has been important for the 3DIVERSE project, which also focuses on optimizing district heating networks and promoting the use of renewable energy sources in district heating transformation. The visit provided us with valuable insights and good practices for the successful implementation of future projects that lie ahead in the coming years.

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