This year’s event ACADEMY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2023 (Akademija strojništva) took place in Slovenia’s main cultural and congress centre, Cankarjev dom, where the most innovative personalities from industry and academic sphere were awarded.

At the event researchers from the academic and industrial environment presented their innovative engineering contributions and this included an article titled“A data-driven reduced-order model for evaluating energy flows in a topologically complex district heating system” which was supported by the 3DiVERSE project.

In the paper, authors Marko Keber, Andrej Kitanovski, Katja Klinar, and Tine Seljak from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Ljubljana presented a reduced-order model, which simplifies the complex topology of a district heating system to a set of nodes, enables computationally efficient analysis of different system setups defined by operational data. Since conductive properties of insulating material have a dominant effect on system behaviour, a single control parameter, the equivalent thickness of deficient insulation, can be used to tune the model so that satisfactory precision can be obtained even with minimal data about the configuration of consumers.

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February 13, 2024

Workshop: How to plan projects for the installation of solar power plants on public buildings and surfaces

Workshop: How to plan projects for the installation of solar power plants on public buildings and surfaces, organized by the company Borzen in collaboration with the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Institute for Public-Private Partnership, is the first in a series within the BORZEN contact point.
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October 28, 2022

Kick-off meeting

The Kick-off meeting for the 3Diverse was hosted by project coordinator KSSENA on the 6th of October 2022 in Velenje, Slovenia. In addition to the all-project partners, also project officer Daniela Bachner from the European Commission attended the meeting.
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October 18, 2023

3rd 3Diverse general meeting

The 3Diverse partners have met in Velenje (Slovenia) at the 3rd General meeting hosted by the project coordinator KSSENA. Progress made on the 3Diverse over the first year has been discussed in detail and the comprehensive work plan for the forthcoming quarters has been set.
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