Razvojna agencija Savinjsko-šaleške regije, together with 3DIVERSE partners – Velenje Utility Company, the Municipality of Velenje, the Municipality of Šoštanj, and Zavod Kssena, has prepared a brochure on the topic Towards Energy Savings Together: Transformation of the District Heating System of the Šaleška Valley. The brochure contains a wealth of useful and practical content and information intended for end-users, residents of the municipalities.

The Šaleška Valley is one of the regions in the EU where coal is the main source of economic activity, employment, and livelihood for its residents. Additionally, it represents the historical heritage of the region and is often a significant part of local identity. Therefore, phasing out coal usage is a demanding and responsible process that, based on experience, can take several years.

In the Šaleška Valley, it will be necessary to provide an alternative heating source and at least 5,000 new replacement jobs directly or indirectly related to coal mining.

If we aim to achieve a just energy transition, as defined in the plan, the reconfiguration of the District Heating System to ensure an affordable heating energy source while simultaneously maintaining air quality is one of the most significant operations.

Parallel to the transformation of the district heating system, it is necessary to implement numerous other measures. Additionally, energy renovation of buildings is imperative. All these processes are demanding and represent a significant financial investment. For this purpose, an energy office in the Municipality of Velenje has also been established, where all additional information is available on how to actively participate and empowered with knowledge about this transformation.

For successful restructuring and a just transition, as well as efficient use of allocated resources, effective communication, and collaboration among all stakeholders within and outside the region are necessary in the process of transitioning and restructuring the coal-rich Savinja-Šaleška region, which is further facilitated by the Center za pravični prehod.

Details on the unfolding process and the reasons behind its necessity are available in the brochure in the Slovenian language.

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February 2, 2023

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October 28, 2022

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