Following the 3rd General Meeting, some members of the 3Diverse consortium participated in the Šaleška Development Forum, a regional event that took place in Velenje on October 17th.

At the event, the future of business in the region was discussed, and experts and successful local entrepreneurs told us where the opportunities for the region’s development lie, what challenges they face, and what role local actors and the state play in this.

Among all the great speakers, the General Director of Coal Mine Velenje, Branko Debeljak, the Director General of Thermoelectric Power Plant Šoštanj, and Mag. Marko Mavec engaged in a discussion regarding the significant challenges confronting the coal mine and new energy projects in the Šaleška Valley.

Additionally, our consortium partner, Gašper Škarja, Director of the Utility Company Velenje highlighted the exceptional district heating renovation project in Slovenia, which aligns with our project’s focus on innovative sustainability initiatives. This information from the forum was vital for our project’s continued development and success.

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April 4, 2023

1st Newsletter is out

We are pleased to announce that the first newsletter of our project has just been released. This newsletter is packed with updates and information about the progress of the project in the first two months and we can't wait for you to read it.
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February 5, 2024

The challenges of integrating wind and other energy facilities into space will only be overcome through a community approach

The event about the challenges of placing wind and other energy objects in space, organized by the local energy agency Energap in Maribor last week for representatives of Drava municipalities, highlighted key guidelines for projects in the field of renewable energy use.
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February 26, 2024

Transformation of the District Heating System of the Šaleška Valley

Razvojna agencija Savinjsko-šaleške regije, together with 3DIVERSE partners - Velenje Utility Company, the Municipality of Velenje, the Municipality of Šoštanj, and Zavod Kssena, has prepared a brochure on the topic Towards Energy Savings Together: Transformation of the District Heating System of the Šaleška Valley. The brochure contains a wealth of useful and practical content and information intended for end-users, residents of the municipalities.
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